Teresa Henry

EMAIL: info@byteresahenry.com

Artist & Creative Mind

I have been creating art, designing graphics, and making crafts for over 25 years. I believe, we are creative and sometimes you just need the right instrument (that’s me -I am the instrument) to help bring your ideas to fruition.
Looking at my work, you will see I believe in complete creative flow, and I don’t stick to one style or media. It is my hope that you enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy creating them.

I work in many different media. Some of my favorites are acrylics and pastels.

I live a big creative beautiful life of crafts, art supplies and making cool things! I tend to get lost in my creations and the beauty of the small things. I become terribly giddy over babies, butterflies, and sunflowers.

If you are looking for personalized and unique gift ideas, make sure to visit my shop at Lucky Sunflower Creations.